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lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

Ce Ce Peniston -Thought 'Ya Knew

A1 - Searchin'
A2 - I'm In The Mood (East 87th St. Mix)
A3 - Hit By Love
A4 - Whatever It Is
A5 - Forever In My Heart
B1 - I'm Not Over You
B2 - Any Way You Wanna Go
B3 - Give What I'm Givin'
B4 - Through Those Doors
B5 - Let My Love Surround You
C1 - Keep Givin' Me Your Love
C2 - If You Love Me, I Will Love You
C3 - Maybe It's The Way
C4 - I Will Be Received
C5 - I'm In The Mood (Bad Yard Edit) (Club)
D1 - I'm In The Mood (Classic Mix)
D2 - Searchin' (Principle Theory)
D3 - Searchin' (Silky Fusion)

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